Useful Information

Report a problem on a Public Right of Way

This useful website from Oxfordshire County Council provides information on how to report a problem on a right of way or suggest an improvement. Vist the site here.

Wheelie Bin Collections

If you register your mobile phone with SODC, you can receive a text message to remind you of changes to collection days due to Bank Holidays or adverse weather conditions. Just text ’waste’ and your normal collection day to 07797 870 370 and you will be sent a reminder the day before your collection.

Never miss your Bin Day again! 

Binfo is an app that tells you all you need to know about when your bins will be collected, including any date changes. If you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone you can download and install the Binfo app for free. Go to

Reporting all non-urgent information to Thames Valley Police: Tel: 101

Reporting an emergency or crime: Tel: 999

Project Manager for Southern Gas Networks: Tel: 01252 353537