The Chequers

Some of you will already be aware that a small group of us have managed to purchase our local hostelry, The Chequers pub, with the objective of ensuring it remains as an important asset to our village life.
Some of you will also know that one of those involved is our former Landlord and Chef Olivier Bouet who, in the near future, is looking forward to bringing back his full culinary skills to the village.

In the shorter term he will continue to run the Red Lion at Brightwell Salome, whilst we look to slightly remodel The Chequers in order to provide the quality of venue we desire in the village.
This said, whilst those plans are formulated, and hopefully approved and ultimately implemented, we would hope to operate the pub in a slightly more modest way, but still providing an enjoyable drinking and eating venue in the village.

EDITED BY WEB TEAM: We were very keen to open The Chequers but only when Government Covid Regulations enable us to do so safely. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

In case you are not aware, the villagers other than the Bouets involved in this venture are the Henmans and the Wiggs, all long-term village residents with a keen desire to do right for the village.
Whilst we develop our longer-term plans for the pub, we will want to keep the village involved, and in particular our Parish Council whom we have already started a dialogue.
We sincerely hope you view this as something positive for the village, and hope that we can look forward to seeing you in The Chequers once it is feasible for us to re-open, even though that initially it may be with a more limited offering.