Fetes & Fairs

In the Astons the church fete used to be held in the grounds of the Rectory in Aston Street - probably because until the 1968 pavilion was built there was no water or power at the ground. But the rectory was sold off after the retirement of the Reverend Hester in 1977 (our last resident rector) and although the fete was held the following year at the village hall it was generally felt that the hall was too small for the event - other than as a wet weather fall back - so in future years it was held at the recreation ground.

In the early 2000's the fete changed from a church fete to a village fete, with the church, village hall and recreation ground committees sharing the organisational duties between them. In 2007 the imminent demolition of the old pavilion called a halt until the new pavilion's completion, after which a different range of village celebrations were held to make maximum use of the new facilities, such as Boules Tournaments (see above) and most recently the amazing Astonbury productions.

A fete at the Rectory

Fetes at the recreation ground