Chequers old postcard

The Astons History Project

Astons Digital Community Archive (ADCA)

ADCA was established in 2014 by the Astons web site web-team in conjunction with the Astons History Project, to establish a digital collection of village records created and owned by a range of village organisations.

It was funded by grants from SODC’s Community Fund scheme, the Astons Village News and Aston Tirrold and Upthorpe Parish Councils.

Its aims are:

·         to aid awareness of the range of material that indirectly records life in the villages of Aston Tirrold and Upthorpe, past and present.

·         to facilitate better use of such records for community projects.

·         to provide access, where appropriate, to records of interest to a wider audience.

·         to establish continuity between the paper based systems of the past and the digital processes of the 21st century.  

History starts now! Do you have any interesting photos, pictures or ephemera that reflect village life now or in the past? If so you could help us expand the village archive. Contact us at 

A British Legion march at the recreation ground in 1950. Note the thatched pavilion in the background.

The 1968 pavilion, built by the Astons Football Club, in use in 2007.

The Boot public house in Thorpe Street.

Stockwells Cottage and the frontage of the old Boot public House c.1910.

The village hall new built in 1964.

The Smithy photographed before 1964. (Exhibition mounted for the History Group's Millennium Exhibition. 

The (new) Chequers Garage being built, 1960s.

The old Chequers Garage, with petrol pumps that were in place until the late 1970s.

The British Legion again, this time walking past the Chequers - with the old Chequers Garage in the background. 1950.