During these strange and challenging days of the COVID19 pandemic, many of us have a bit more time to notice wildlife around us. We are lucky to be living in such a lovely rural village, with lots of wild and wonderful places to walk whilst keeping our social distance from non-family members. If you’ve been taking advantage of this, you will be noticing more and more insects, plants and birds and mammals, amphibians and maybe even the odd reptile. as the days get longer and warmer; if you’re unable to get out for a walk, then perhaps you’ve noticed the wildlife in your garden. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the wildlife on our doorsteps.

Over the coming weeks some of us villagers will making the most of these difficult times, and posting about interesting wildlife we spot in our gardens and around the village. Please do get in touch if you find something interesting; consider writing a wildlife post about it for the Environment Group website; submit your records to iRecord where an expert (not us!) will verify your identification. Your observations will help us build a picture of the biodiversity in our villages, and can be used by scientists to better understand local species abundance.


To learn more about the YELLOW LEGGED MINING BEE (Andrena flavipes), please click the link below this to download a factsheet.

Useful contacts in the village who would love to swap notes about different taxa: