Astons Outdoors

Welcome to the Astons Outdoors web-page.

"When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden"
Minnie Aumonier.

Happy spring everyone!

Below are some activities that we have planned whilst remaining safe ….

Sunflower competition …

Come and collect the free seed, pot and compost from 5 The Croft (1 per household) As with the strawberry competition last year, the competition is open to all ages.  We’d love to see your progress on the Village Facebook - 2 winning categories - Tallest and largest flower head will be measured w/e of 28 – 30th August.  

You can then feed the birds with the seeds.

Community spaces …

Saturday April 24th The Village Hall is a great community asset, used by many of us over the years, but the gardens are looking tired and are in desperate need of a refresh, so the Hall Committee and Astons Outdoors plan to remedy this, but need the help of some enthusiastic, strong volunteers to dig and clear out some old shrubs etc before we can replant. 

As little as an hour or two from several people (socially distanced or course) should be all we need to get the first Phase underway.  Please contact Naomi or Louise if you can help.

Plant Sale on May 22nd & 23rd. 

A similar socially distanced format to last year i.e., from the driveway of Louise (Chalk Hill) and Naomi (5 The Croft).   This is only successful because fellow residents kindly go the extra mile by growing, lifting and dividing perennials.  Vegetables were very sought-after last year as people were spending more time in the garden at home.

All plant contributions will be most welcome.

Tree Planting.....  

The date (hopefully in April) for receiving the community trees has not been confirmed yet but if anyone, individuals or families are interested in taking part in planting these please let us know.   They will be very young bare root stock so not too much digging is involved. 

Native Trees in Private Gardens of the Astons (Update): Thank you to those who have asked to participate.  Louise is keeping the list updated.  We will be in touch, later in the year regarding the options (type, height and spread).