The First World War: 1914-1918

The Astons History Group, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, held a major project and exhibition  to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War.

The funds helped us to clean and refurbish our village war memorial and the history of many of the fallen soldiers has been displayed next to the memorial on the anniversary their each of their deaths. 

You can read more about this exhibition and project here.

AT WAR'S END: 1918

We will be holding a second exhibition over the weekend of November 9th - 11th to mark the centenary of the war's final year. This will include much information gained during and after our 2014 (1914) exhibition.

Our First World War Fallen

We are starting to add their stories to this website.

You can read more here.

William Aldridge                George Clacy

James Corbett                   Joseph Connelly

Hubert Cummins                Mark Didcock 

Frederick Elderfield           Frederick Lay 

Albert Lewington               Gordon Lewington 

Francis Kimmer                 William Knobes

Wilfred Savegar                Robert Bishop Slade

Edgar Whichello                Claud Lillington