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Warmest Years and Warmest Ocean on record. It is likely the oceans are now at their warmest for 1,000 years and heating faster than at any time in the last 2,000 years. Read More

Greta Thurnberg Publishes THE CLIMATE BOOK. The science concerning the future impact of climate change is clear; what is missing is the political action to address this.

AL Gore at the World Economic Forum, Davos.

We have all the proven technology to get to 2030 targets and have planned technologies to get to 2050. But Emissions are still going up. What is missing is the political will to address this. See his address to the World economic Forum.

BEIS Independent Net Zero Review. Published on 13th January.

This 360 page report by Chris Skidmore (Click here for shorter comments by ENDS) travelled to all four nations of the UK, received over 1800 responses to the Call for Evidence, and held more than 50 roundtables. The Executive Summary includes: ‘None of this will happen without a step change in the government’s approach to delivering net zero.’ The Conclusion states ‘Government meet the net present danger of not acting fast enough by taking forward a series policy recommendations that can be delivered now. We have termed these the ‘25 by 2025’ that the Government must seek to take forward recognising that there is no time to waste.

‘Political Will’ means action by all of us! PEASE WRITE TO YOUR MP to ask the Government to make action to address the Climate Emergency a priority for ALL GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS. 

This Page Covers:

Input to Public Consultations

Local climate action groups with whom we cooperate have submitted comments to public consultations and will continue to do so. Click here and scroll down to Input to Public Consultations for more for the responses of the Churn Churches Climate Action Group response to the BEIS independent public consultation.

Action to Lobby Politicians: Your MP

Please inform your MP if you agree that leadership from the top is needed for more government action to address climate change. MPs are aware of what needs to be done but may need a nudge to raise this to the top of the agenda. Conservative MP, Chris Skidmore’s 340 page report, sponsored by BEIS, calls for action in many government departments. The House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee 1st Report of Session 2022–23, published 12 October 2022 is entitled “In Our Hands: Behaviour Change for Climate and Environmental Goals’. The Oxfordshire based ‘Bioabundance’ website lists 11 topics to raise with your MP

What is missing is leadership from 10 Downing Street to make this happen. All MPs need to know that their constituents feel that not enough is being done to protect the environment for our children and grandchildren. MPs must use their persuasive powers to raise this high enough up the political agenda for action to be driven forward by leadership from the top.

We are all aware from the news items that the climate is getting rougher. Scientists tell us we can do a lot to reduce the impact. Please tell your MP you care about this. You can find your MP here. Please include your name and postcode and that you are a constituent. Let’s make this happen! Click here for a sample letter and more information about where Government Action now is needed to meet our future climate targets. 

Contact County and District Councillors

Please write to your councillors to ask them to work towards the conclusions of the Pathways to a Zero Carbon Oxfordshire report. Click here for more about the Pathway to Zero Carbon and suggested text for a letter to a councillor. Click here on how to contact Councillors;

Actions to Encourage Businesses to Address the Climate Emergency

How and what do you buy? What is the environmental impact of your purchase? Do you need it? Buy second hand? Re-use? Avoid products with too much packaging. Buy grass fed meat and not factory farmed. Factory farmed chickens are the worst!

Where and how do you work? Work with your employer to raise awareness of the environmental impact of your work and what can be done to reduce this. You need to consider the lifecycle impact from production, to use, to disposal.

Where and how can you invest your money? Many businesses have realised the need to protect the environment; some just talk about it without doing much. Such unsubstantiated claims are known as ‘Greenwash’. Some are making significant progress. The Tortoise Responsibility100 Index seeks to differentiate between businesses which talk the talk and those who walk the walk. There are other sites which recommend ethical and green investments including Climate Action Oxfordshire and Abundance.

Action to Reduce our Carbon Footprint


The Churn Churches Climate Action Group will provide notices which will advise you what individuals can do to reduce their carbon footprint to help avert climate disaster. 

Over the coming months we will cover how you can reduce your carbon footprint, and potentially save money, with topics covering:

  • Loft Insulation (Click here to see this). Did you know that approximately a quarter of the heat from your home is lost through the roof if you don’t have loft insulation?
  • Draught Proofing your Home, (Click here to see this). Draught-proofing your home is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to save energy, and money.

Energy in your home:

Low Carbon Oxford North have produced seven short films: ‘how to save energy in your home; with examples from real people.  These films cover low-cost energy saving measures; insulating your walls, loft and floor, air source heat pumps, solar panels and storage, double or triple glazing and ventilation, help with finance, opportunities for contractors. Click on the link and then on the film titles.

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