Astons ultrafast broadband

FTTP for the Astons – what we know so far 
This page will be updated as more information is available.

In January 2023, Astons premises started to receive their FTTP connections through their Internet Service Providers (ISP).  

Openreach will be installing FTTP connections to the Astons on a phased basis, with five fibre networks being installed during early spring 2023. One network is already live, which is why some residents are receiving communications from their ISPs.  

FTTP capable ISPs

These currently are Andrew & Arnold, Aquiss, BT, Cerberus Network, Fastnet, Fibre Net, Giganet Home, LCC Communications, Orbitalnet, Pine Media, Sky, Spectrum Internet, Structured Communications, Syscomm, Talk Talk, Uno, Utility Warehouse, Vodafone and Zen.  The list of providers will increase over time as more ISPs introduce this new technology.  Click here to see the Astons guide to current FTTP providers.

Connection to premises 

Openreach have told us that they will use the existing routes to premises by replacing the current copper only cables with fibre and copper combined cables.  Existing routes are overhead cables from poles to premises and underground ducts.

Astons ultrafast broadband project area

All premises in Aston Tirrold and Aston Upthorpe will be able to have FTTP from this project except:

  • Carrimers, Upper Hill, Lower Hill farms and associated premises which will receive FTTP through another Oxfordshire programme which is currently being rolled out:

  • Five Aston Tirrold residences near South Moreton which are connected to Didcot telephone exchange not the Blewbury exchange like the rest of us. We understand however that the Moretons may well start a similar FTTP project and we’ve asked for these five premises to be included.

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