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FTTP for the Astons – what we know so far 
This page will be updated as more information is available.

By spring 2022, Astons premises will be able to have ultrafast broadband via Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). 
To make this happen at no cost to Astons residents, enough premises must apply for government vouchers.
The Astons full fibre steering group is using Astons News monthly newsletter, Astons eNews and The Astons Villagers Facebook Community as well as these webpages to keep residents informed about the project.


After considering a number of providers, the Astons full fibre steering group decided to apply for the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme through Openreach as this gives the most flexibility and allows people greater freedom to choose their own ISP.  Over the coming months we will work with Openreach to manage and deliver the full fibre infrastructure project for our villages.

FTTP cost

We have uploaded to Openreach all the Astons premises that have expressed an interest in the voucher scheme. Openreach has analysed the addresses and has provided an initial proposal and costings.

Installation will be free of charge if sufficient premises apply for Vouchers of £7,000.  Contracts for FTTP may have an additional monthly ISP cost for the improved service (see below). Premises that don’t apply for vouchers are likely to face a connection charge once the fibre infrastructure is in place nearby.

The voucher application process is straightforward using the Openreach portal.  Premises will have to say that their broadband speed is currently less than 100Mbs (most here are) and agree to take out a 12-month contract with one of the service providers below.

FTTP capable ISPs

These currently are Andrew & Arnold, Aquiss, BT, Cerberus Network, Fibre Net, Giganet, Sky, Structured Communications, TalkTalk and Zen.  The list of providers will increase over time as more ISPs introduce this new technology.  See our guide to ISPs here.

There is extensive information about these providers, including their charges, here. 

Note:   We recommend you choose one of these ISPs if you are changing your ISP contract during 2021.  It’ll be cheaper and easier to stay with the same ISP when you need an FTTP contract

Connection to premises 

Openreach have told us that they will use the existing routes to premises by replacing the current copper only cables with fibre and copper combined cables.  Existing routes are overhead cables from poles to premises and underground ducts.

Process and timing

Thanks to the Astons’ initial expressions of interest, we’ve been able to secure an estimated FTTP installation cost of approximately £388,000.   As part of our contract with Openreach, we’re required to cover 130% of the installation cost with individual vouchers which households must apply for via the portal. Each voucher is worth £7,000. Once we’ve reached the 130% target, Openreach will request consent to proceed from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

In early February 2021, DCMS adjusted the timelines for this scheme.  One consequence is that we don't know yet what the final project cost is. Nor do we know when Openreach will open their portal for Astons voucher applications and the deadline for submitting these applications. 

Openreach will then take about nine months following DCMS consent to deliver the full project.  They use the first six months to obtain the necessary planning permissions and regulatory approvals before taking a further three months to deliver the infrastructure on the ground.

Astons FTTP project area

All premises in Aston Tirrold and Aston Upthorpe will be able to have FTTP from this project except:

  • Carrimers, Upper Hill, Lower Hill farms and associated premises which will receive FTTP through another Oxfordshire programme which is currently being rolled out:

  • Five Aston Tirrold residences near South Moreton which are connected to Didcot telephone exchange not the Blewbury exchange like the rest of us. We understand however that the Moretons may well start a similar FTTP project and we’ve asked for these five premises to be included.

We'd like to hear from you

We haven’t thought of everything and would appreciate your inputs:

  • At public Zoom meetings on
    • Wednesday 24 February at 11:00 am; link here ; passcode 874566
    • Wednesday 24 February at 7:00 pm link here ; passcode 659883

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