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Be prepared .....

Being confident online is mostly about feeling safe and secure using your workstation, whether it is a tablet, smartphone, laptop, TV or PC.   

Get Safe on Line gives guidance to protect your workstation, children, business, identity and finances.   Click here for advice provided to Women's Institutes.

Cyber crime is huge, increasing rapidly and is every where; none of us is immune.  The Thames Valley Police (TVP) "The Little Book of Cyber Scams" describes a number of current types of cyber criminal activities. TVP have also provided good advice about phishing, which is the sending of phoney emails trying to lure users into unwise actions.   Criminals want your identity and/or your money.   

Further, TVP has recently launched #ProtectYourWorld campaign and a video to help people reduce their risks of becoming cyber crime victims. 

There was a widespread cyber attack on NHS Trusts and other organisations in 2017 using ransomware to disable computers and fraudulently demand payments.  City of London police and the UK National Cyber Security Centre produced protection advice for businesses and individuals, click here to see and/or download the advice.