Astons full fibre - frequently asked questions

This page will contain more questions as they are asked.

Question - How much will it cost me?
Answer - It cost East Hagbourne residents nothing.  Astons can have it free too if enough premises here apply for vouchers.  

Question - If I register an interest now, am I making a commitment to sign up to fibre broadband later?
Answer -  No; an expression of interest commits you to nothing.

Question - My broadband speed is pretty good now, why would I want to upgrade?
Answer -  Technology evolves at a great rate and the speed requirements to use online services is ever increasing, from streaming services and video conferencing to Internet connected appliances, the demand for bandwidth will get greater over time. Installation of gigabit capable broadband (FTTP) will immediately enable you to improve the speed and reliability of your broadband service and lay the foundation for future improvements.

Question - Will I have to change my internet service provider (ISP)
Answer - Not necessarily. There are many ISPs that provide FTTP and the number is growing all the time. Click here for the current list of ISPs with the capability to deliver FTTP.

Question - Will I have to change my internet service provider (ISP) contract?
Answer -  Most likely, because there will be a change of service to FTTP, but most ISPs will allow a change of contract without penalty if staying with the same provider.

Question - If I sign up to the scheme will there be any commitment? 
Answer - The scheme rules require that you must sign up for a minimum of 12 months with an ISP that offers an FTTP option. This could possibly be your current ISP if they provide FTTP services. Click here to see the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme terms and conditions.  See sections 1.1 and 1.2 in particular.   Contact the Astons Full Fibre Steering Group, , if you have any questions. 

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