Information for the Astons community

This page will be updated as more information is available.

Step 1 - Astons residents express interest 

The Astons full fibre steering group is using Astons News monthly newsletter, Astons eNews, Astons Community Website and The Astons Villagers Facebook Community to encourage residents  to express an interest in this great opportunity.

Step 2 - Suppliers 

Astons steering group has been in contact with these three interested potential suppliers.

After considering a number of providers, the Astons steering group has decided to apply for the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme through Openreach as this gives the most flexibility and allows people greater freedom to choose their own ISP.  Over the coming months we will work with Openreach to manage and deliver the full fibre infrastructure project for our villages.

Step 3 - Openreach designs & costs infrastructure

Astons steering group uploads to Openreach all the Astons premises that have expressed an interest in the voucher scheme.  Openreach analyses the addresses and proposes initial designs and costings.  Negotiations and address checking takes place until Openreach make a final design and costings offer, expected in November/December 2020.

Step 4 - Openreach deliver the infrastructure

If all goes to plan, Openreach will start their delivery processes early in 2021.  We understand that the first 6 or more months are normally taken up by Openreach obtaining the necessary planning, heritage etc permissions.  Activity on the ground is therefore likely to start in September/October 2021.  

Step 5 - Residents apply for vouchers 

In about September 2021 Astons residents will apply for vouchers to provide the funding for the project.    Astons steering group will provide further information nearer the time.

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