CLP processes

How we did it ...

Following a village-wide meeting in the Village Hall, the Parish Council gave the go-ahead for a CLP and a steering group of volunteers was established under the chairmanship of Naomi Simmonds (CLPSG). 

Much of the first year was spent consulting the community including using events such as the annual Astonbury concert and the Astons Cafe birthday party.   CLPSG also canvassed the views of village societies, clubs and organisations before preparing a questionnaire in mid 2015, which was completed by almost every resident over the age of 13.   In addition to responding to the multiple choice questions many respondents to the questionnaire wrote long-form responses in the open answer boxes provided.

The findings were presented at two meetings in the Village Hall.  The CLPSG used the results of the questionnaire and evidence acquired from village organisations and individuals to produce its report (2017) which can be downloaded here.   Further consultation on the draft report was done during drafting and the final draft was endorsed by Astons’ Parish Council and South Oxfordshire District Council.