CLP delivery

CLP delivery

CLP report recommended that project teams action feasible ideas identified by the Astons community in response to the 2015 CLP questionnaire.  Initial project teams looked at ideas grouped together as:

  • Community *
  • Communications *
  • Business *
  • Environment 
  • Crime and personal safety *
  • Housing and development
  • Roads, traffic and public transport

A guidance document for the project teams has been agreed by the Astons Parish Council and can be viewed and/or downloaded by clicking here.

The initial project team plans can be viewed by clicking here.   Start-up meetings were arranged for * marked groups above to assess the degree of community interest to take them forward.  Insufficient people came to the meetings or expressed interest in other ways to form project teams

Housing and Development project team documents are:

Roads, Traffic and Public Transport project team documents are:

Environment project team documents are: