The Astons 1970 Village Plan 

and 1994 Village Appraisal

Astons Village Appraisal 1994. 

The Village Appraisal consultation was carried out by by a project team that included parish councillors and village residents, and was published in 1994.  

This is the introductory paragraph of the report:

"The Village Appraisal which was carried out earlier this year, has been completed.  We believe that it has been a very successful exercise which has revealed all the best points of the Villages, told us a great deal about the people who live here, and made a basis for the agenda of future activity.   We had a high response rate (79%) and the validity of the response was also very good.   Most people answered most of the questionnaire. Percentages given within this Report refer to the percentage of those who answered the respective question."

The Appraisal produced three documents:

     Astons Village Appraisal 1994

     Astons Village Appraisal Questionnaire

     Astons Village Appraisal Youth Questionnaire

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Astons Village Plan 1970.

The Village Plan was carried out by the Tirrold and Upthorpe parish councils in response to the large number of new properties built during the 1960s - mainly on green spaces - which  raised concern for the villages' historic environment.

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